Offering Every Child the Foundation to Success

Our Mission

Early childhood educational experiences impact a young child’s future learning. Our director, teachers, and other support staff are an important part of each child’s life. Our environment allows children and our staff to build a foundation that develops the whole child.  Our job is to make sure that the early experiences a child has are educational and fun. We will promote a lifelong love of learning.

Although teachers will follow the curriculum closely, we know that individual personality and life experiences will enrich each classroom’s curriculum.  We hire passionate teachers that are the back bone of our high-quality programs. Our teachers use their imaginations when creating lesson plans which are based on attentive observations. Our teachers plan curriculum to strengthen children’s emerging physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language skills. We will hire exceptional teachers.

We live in a very exciting and diverse country that is made up of people from many cultures and with many native languages. Each classroom and every new school year will bring this positive diversity to life. Our teachers think about the children’s cultures and communities as they plan rich programs and activities for the children in their classrooms. We will educate children about tolerance and the power of diversity.

We put children first, respecting each child as a valued and unique individual with distinct interests and opinions. We are sensitive to children’s varying abilities and learning styles. Through our education programs, children are given the foundations for present and future learning. They have opportunities for choice, experimentation, creativity and problem solving. That is why we create an environment that allows children to grow and develop at their own pace. The philosophy is put into action through the objectives, activities and program components that support each child’s growth and learning. We will prepare children for success in elementary school and beyond.

While a child’s life experiences begin at home, we know the importance of working with families to create a rich environment where every child will thrive.  We believe that when parents and teachers work together every child benefits. We will have open and collaborative relationships with parents.