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Early Foundations Children’s Academy is committed to providing young children and their families with high-quality early childhood education in an enriched setting in Redding California. The early years are the most critical years in a child’s life; experiences during this time have a lasting impact on a child’s development and future academic success. Our purpose is to offer early learning experiences that give children the tools they need to grow and develop into productive members of our society and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our approach to early education is based on age appropriate, culturally sensitive, sensory-based, hands-on learning experiences. Our job is to make sure that each child has numerous successful experiences every day to promote positive self-image and to ensure a lifelong love of learning.

The child’s classroom is arranged into learning centers that encourage exploration within a predictable daily routine, including small and large group times. In our toddler rooms, we offer space for push-pull toys and the opportunity for toddlers to do their favorite thing: fill and dump! In our preschool rooms, you will frequently see a group of children developing their social skills by dressing up or pretending to cook dinner in the home center. In our Pre-K rooms other children may be developing their emerging literacy skills in the writing and reading center, while a child in the science center is discovering what sinks and what floats.

It might appear that your child is “just playing.” However, according to the latest research in brain development, children learn best through play. We give your child the opportunity to actively explore his/her environment and “play.” Our teachers observe the children’s interests and choices, developing meaningful individualized learning activities based on these observations.

Our indoor activity area and our amazing outdoor space allows children to develop their gross motor skills during any type of weather.

Our meal program allows your child to try a variety of things while always enjoying a healthy, well balanced meal. This is an important time for your child to develop independence when serving themself. They will also have the opportunity to build there social skills as they converse with their friends about their day.

We look forward to having you and your child join our EFCA family.

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